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  • Manda La Croix Afternoon All.shattered after last nights shenanigans, early night tonight I think. Glad to meet all that were present, apologies to those I didn't recognise and didn't get to speak to. Looking forward to the next one.
    13 January
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  • (sexy) Suzanne Evening girls. I'm still feeling pretty low after such an amazing weekend so with a glass of red wine on the go while I apply my makeup and get dressed, I'm starting to feel better. I hope all you gorgeous girls are well this evening xx
    13 February 2017
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  • ~Kazz-xd~ Not that I was or ever would be the best dressed here but this takes the biscuit :(¬† Lingerie chain La Senza has fallen into administration for the second time in two years. :'( xx
    1 July 2014
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  • abdul9995
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  • Aimee Morning all:) x
    17 December 2013
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  • aistocking Just made a video of me in the shower wearing 1 pink and 2 black swimsuits all wet and sexey but went to load onto site and the video is to big,I think it was the video.Will have to try again¬†the swimsuits are in the dryer and the floor of the bathroom is underwater.Will have a go later but one at a time.Anyone would like to see?????
    28 January 2014
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  • Alana
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  • alison rose Good evening all, had a good day I hope, been glorious, but too hot, been flagging a bit today. Had a diabetic review today some real positive changes have been noted, and it is nearly all good news, but the blood sugar levels are still skyhigh, which considering I have cut out sugar from the coffee, not bought a choccy bar for near two months and stopped all the sugary snacks I am a bit disappointed, but I have increased the fruit and probably have pasta a bit too often, and the real eye opener was rice. As you never a person overweight who is rice dependant as a main staple of their diet, so that's rice out now, there is an ever decreasing list of food I like, watch this space it will be fresh air and water soon. :S
    17 July 2017
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  • Amanda I went to work last night with my stockings and suspender's on under my work trousers............... felt very naughty :)
    27 September 2013
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  • amanda derbyshire I've missed you all, sorry I've just been so busy. xxxx
    27 February 2014
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