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  • 30 March - hosted by Helena
    To promote kindness & respect to each other, please will all members commit to refrain from obscene, offensive, rude or aggressive posts. Let's commit to being nice to each other and supportive of our fellow members. By saying "I WILL BE ATTENDING" you will be giving your ongoing personal commit...
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  • 15 June - hosted by Mollie
    Ok girls xxx I have booked a weekend in Blackpool for the 15th and 16th june to celebrate my birthday..... it'll be my 50th (shocked) hopefully there will be a few of us there to have a bit of fun. If anyone would like to join me you would be more than welcome to. I'm booked into scarlets hotel ...
  • 12 January - hosted by Mollie
    Let's get together for a big night out at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes on the 12th January If you are wanting to stay over there are hotels close by.... campannille right opposite pink punters and the doubletree just a little way up the road
  • 18 November 2017 - hosted by Dolores Lach
    Is windshield of your auto broken? Or, does it have small but visible cracks? If yes, then you need to go for windshield repair Edmonton services right away. When the windshield is damaged severely, that is not the only time you should go for glass repair or replacement, even the slightest of crack ...

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crossdressing.co.uk is a social networking site dedicated for CDs and admirers! It is free to join but if you want to use all the features then there is a small subscription fee (this helps me pay for the hosting and running of this site!) Look forward to chatting to you,

Chloe xxx

What's New

  • Hannah-Louise
    Good Morning Everyone :) xx
    • 1 hour ago
  • Jessica-Jane
    Already it’s time I was going (well I did arrive late). Night all.
    • 10 hours ago
    • · via iphone
  • Tamara-May
    Tamara-May added 8 photo(s) to the album Matching green scarf and panties:
    • 10 hours ago
  • Jessica-Jane
    Evening all. Sorry I’m late.
    • Thu at 20:50
    • · via iphone
  • alizee
    girls i m soo bored. write to me pls:)
    • Thu at 19:51
  • janeswallows
    evening ladies x hope everyone is good xxx
    • Thu at 19:18
    • janeswallows
      Mollie Hiya Jane xxx
      • Thu at 20:24
  • Mollie
    Good evening girls xxx hope you are all ok. It'll soon be the weekend again xxx
    • Thu at 17:34
    • · via mobile
  • Andi CD
    Andi CD
    Morning all x
    • Thu at 10:52
    • · via mobile
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    • Andi CD
      Kim Hi ANDI XX
      • Thu at 11:40
  • Kitty
    Kitty has added a new profile photo.
    • Thu at 00:52
  • cardyman
    So love wearing a bra, dress and ladies cardigan x
    • Wed at 22:59
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  • Jessica-Jane
    Ok,it’s time I was off. Night all.
    • Wed at 22:45
    • · via iphone
  • Lisa
    Lisa has added a new profile photo.
    • Wed at 22:27
  • Kitty
    - Is this<< too corny to use by way of a cute apology card * for someone *? Or is it about right-on?...

    Have a lovely christmas, Girls. I'll see you all next year! X 
    el pacion x KVC x
    • Wed at 22:09
    • Mollie and Mandy like this.
    • Kitty
      JustJoan I'm sorry but its only a flying visit tonight. Glad to hear you're doing well though and I guess work is going well too by how busy life is keeping you! Glad to see you're still alive and looking feisty! x
      • Wed at 22:30
    • Kitty
      Kitty aww, thanks, JJ! Love you!! g-friend! ;) ;)
      • Wed at 22:32
    • Kitty
      Kitty - I'll let you know how the apology goes.... X
      • Wed at 22:33
    • Kitty
      JustJoan You'll be fine and yes, do tell how it goes - for now though, night night and be good, Santa is watching x
      • Wed at 22:36
    • Kitty
      Mollie Hi kitty xxx
      • Wed at 23:05
  • Penelope Carol
    Penelope Carol
    I'm off for an early night, goodnight ladies xxx (S) (*) I-)
    • Wed at 21:31
  • Sophie.ni
    • Wed at 20:59
    • · via mobile