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  • 9 August - hosted by Tina1
    Dress to impress at this very friendly venue.
  • 10 September - hosted by ffunUK
    DIRTY HEELS club is a new fetish club in London for guys who love wearing stilettos, dressing in lingerie, suits and heels, leather rubber and heels , cigar and heels... etc., without being totally devoid of their masculinity
  • 30 May - hosted by jasmine
    no holds barred at a house small intimate sexy nn11 district contact me for further info via text 07462106478
  • 19 May - hosted by sensual2011
    The best european event to dress and enjoy..... http://www.gaypridemaspalomas.com/
  • 5 June - hosted by Janet
    Trans Wakefield. Is a social and support group that is open to all the transgender community and their families. It is an opportunity to come together to chat, make friends and share experiences. For more information and the address please email trans.s@gmx.co.uk

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  • Nice to have some local people on here xxx
  • Wow Tina, Hi! You look just wonderful. So pretty and very natural.
  • you look the real deal
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  • Hi all,
    Juliet Open Toe 6" Heel Sandal size 12 - and Alternative...  more
  • 2 September
    Hi babe how you doing are you into having some fun x

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crossdressing.co.uk is a social networking site dedicated for CDs and admirers! It is free to join but if you want to use all the features then there is a small subscription fee (this helps me pay for the hosting and running of this site!) Look forward to chatting to you,

Chloe xxx

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  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise Berry
    Wow. I didn't know all my comments would show up on here without my permission for everyone to see. Also I can;t view my messages because I'm not a full member - whoever messaged me, sorry. Evidently me offering/requesting PM chat was pointless and a wast...  more
    • 38 minutes ago
    • Lucy Louise Berry
      lynnette It is rather silly
      • 1 minute ago
  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane
    Hello everyone,
    I know I don't post much on here, but I'm going to be leaving, but not just the site, I have to rid myself of SJ. Things haven't be going well in my male life, and I have to let SJ go, however I want to sell on my heels, as I know for ladi...  more
    • 43 minutes ago
    • · via ipad
    • Sarah Jane
      Blackfella sad ! sexy jane
      • 28 minutes ago
    • Sarah Jane
      Pauline Sorry take care hun xxx
      • 25 minutes ago
    • Sarah Jane
      Blackfella No way damnn those CHEEKS ! ONE more with I sarah !!
      • 21 minutes ago
  • steph 147
    steph 147
    Any one up for a blether xxx 
    • 44 minutes ago
    • · via ipad
  • racheal46
    any girls within a fifty mile radius of herts want someone to dress with and fun afterwards.
    • 45 minutes ago
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise Berryshy and friendly:
    Hi. Nice pics, especially the black skirt one. :) Shall we chat?
    • 47 minutes ago
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise Berryjade.me123:
    Hi, Jade. Nice pics. Let's chat. :-) PM me.
    • 49 minutes ago
  • steph 147
    steph 147
    Hi everyone hope all is well xxx
    • 52 minutes ago
    • · via ipad
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise Berryjenna:
    Hi, Jenna. You look lovely! :) I'd like to chat; message me if you want.
    • 56 minutes ago
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise BerryLiz97:
    Hi, girl. You're looking nice. :-) Let's chat if you want.
    • 58 minutes ago
  • Sammi Stiletto xx
    Sammi Stiletto xx
    Date night Yeeey xxx
    • 58 minutes ago
    • · via mobile
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise BerrySera:
    My, girl! You look nice. You have some lovely pictures. :-) Please message me if you'd like to chat.
    • 1 hour ago
  • lynnette
    lynnette shared lynnette's image.
    Dressed like this right now
    • 1 hour ago
    • paula and Pauline like this.
    • lynnette
      Nicolette I'm beginning not to care about the colour of your knickers but I'll just sit an admire your gorgeous figure and sexy bum instead xxx
    • lynnette
      Pauline What a figure ouzes sex appral xx
      • 24 minutes ago
    • lynnette
      lynnette Wow! Thanks
      • 10 minutes ago
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise BerryKerry Hose:
    Hi, Kerry Hose. I like your information on your "About" page. That's quite funny, and it reminded me of some cotton tight things a girl cousin of mine used to wear. I stole them off her and worse them myself a few times until they ripped - they ...  more
    • 1 hour ago
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise Berryjayme:
    Hi, jayme. I am fine, thank you, and yourself?
    • 1 hour ago
  • Lucy Louise Berry
    Lucy Louise BerryKimberly:
    Hi, Kimberly. I just poked you. :-) You sound very much like someone I
    think I'd enjoy chatting with, then possibly being mates with or more.
    • 1 hour ago